Playful animations promote mobile brand Oppo's new handset in China

Mother's Shanghai office handled the campaign

Published On
Oct 17, 2019

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A new campaign for mobile handset brand Oppo, the largest in the Chinese market and fifth largest in the world, promotes its new Reno2 model via a series of playful and distinctive animated films.

Created by Mother Shanghai and produced via Nexus Studios, the 15-second films are helmed by different directors in a variety of animation styles. They're designed in gif-friendly formats specifically for social sharing, though they'll also run on TV in China. All the animations end with the Reno2 logo reveal. 

Director Laurie Rowan, who has animated for video games as well as for the likes of Channel4, creates a bird's nest whose eggs hatch into the words "Reno2." In another film helmed by Jack Cunningham, there's also a muppet-like cat that eats a fish and spits out the logo as a fish bone. Cunningham also animated a 1970s-vibe scientist who sees the logo appear in his microscope. In Felix Massie's "Ice Cream," a bunch of frosty treats escape from a van and run off down the street, while Jarrod Prince's "Creatures" is influenced by Miyazaki films and '90s nostalgia.

Take a look below to watch the full set. The films are launching in China, but there are plans to roll them out internationally, including in Southeast Asia.