Drones are 'guardians' of African wildlife in this poetic film

Veteran creative Andy Fackrell worked on spot for charity Over&Above Africa

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Oct 19, 2018

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L.A.-based charity Over&Above Africa, which protects wildlife from poachers with the help of drones, is highlighting the importance of work with a poetic drone-shot film that gives a spectacular view of African wildlife from the sky.  

Andy Fackrell, the former Wieden & Kennedy, 180 Amsterdam and DDB New Zealand creative who recently returned to the Netherlands, worked as a creative on the project together with director Sam Coleman at Giant Films in Cape Town. It presents a series of swooping aerial shots of animal groups, each titled with the respective collective nouns-- a pride of lions, a wobble of ostriches, an implausibility of gnu, and so forth before tracking a "gang" of poachers on the drone’s night vision camera. Italian composer Ezio Bosso’s “Under The Trees’ Voices” provides the soundtrack. 

According to the charity, drone surveillance is proving to be a savior for Africa’s endangered animal groups, increasing their survival chances by up to 80%. 

“It’s a slaughter,” says Over&Above Africa founder Kerry David. “Every day is a tech-war between heavily armed, well organized, skilled poachers and our courageous, but often ill-equipped rangers. Dropping our guard can mean the loss of whole herds.”


Oct 19, 2018
Over & Above Africa
Kerry David
Executive Director:
Jennifer Pfister
Andy Fackrell
Shannon Worley
Art Director:
Mariya Munsey
PR Director:
Jessica Hartley
Production Company:
Giant Films
Sam Coleman
Executive Producer:
Cindy Gabriel
Director of Photography:
Devin Tosselli
Boris Vossgatter
Production Manager:
Nella Coetzer
Matthew Swanepoel
Izolina de Vasconcelos
Drone Pilot:
Carl Nicholl
RC Plane Pilot:
Wayne van Rooyen
Production Assistant:
Bobby Kamnga
Drone Camera Operator:
Simeon Hamman
Nic Apostoli
Online VHX:
Charmaine Greyling
Edit Company:
Rock Paper Scissors
Adam Pertofsky
Post Production:
Music Licensing:
Aaron Mercer - Wool & Tusk
“Under The Trees’ Voices” Ezio Bosso, Sony Music Italy

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