Stop Reading Durex Packs in the Condom Aisle.

It's Embarrassing. The New Packaging Tells You What You Want.

Published On
Jul 18, 2013

Editor's Pick

Standing in the condom aisle reading the pack carefully isn't anyone's idea of fun. So Durex enlisted the help of design company Design Bridge to create new packaging that really gets to the point.

Each box essentially speaks to its potential buyer, leaving no doubt as to what it is. What used to be "Avanti Ultima" is now "Latex Free;" "Featherlite" and "Featherlite Ultra" were renamed "Thin Feel" and "Ultra Thin Feel," respectively; "Performa" became "Extended Pleasure;" "Performax" is now "Mutual Climax;" "Elite" is "Intimate Feel;" "Sensation" has become "Excite Me;" "Ribbed" was renamed "Tickle Me;" "Tingle" is now "Tingle me;" "Pleasuremax" is "Pleasure Me;" "Select Flavors" became "Taste Me;"

"Extra Safe," however, is still "extra safe" (don't fix what doesn't need fixing). The one thing these new boxes all have in common (besides being straightforward) is the brand's slogan: "love sex." Details on worldwide availability to come.