Papa John's made a mini pizza for bees

The U.K. promotion featuring the 'Beezza' launches a honey-topped pie and benefits a bee charity

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Jul 17, 2019

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Honey bee populations have been declining dramatically worldwide, and in the U.K., two species have already gone extinct locally. To draw attention to the plight of the pollinators, Papa John’s U.K. has made what it calls the world’s first pizza for bees.

So, do bees even like pizza?

No, but the tiny pie is sized for them—just one inch across. The "Beezza," as it's called, is also topped with the winged creatures' favorites: wildflowers like forget-me-nots and geraniums, local pollen, rosemary and thyme. The mini pizza, featured in Papa John's video above, was made by Thom Whitchurch, a food celebrity who opened Britain’s first “tiny cookery school" last year.

Tomatoes often depend on bees for pollination, so without them, humans wouldn’t have any pizza either. So people can give back to the bees by eating Papa John’s new “Bee Sting,” a pizza topped with chilies, pepperoni and honey.

When U.K. customers order the pie online between now and September, they can donate the change to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, a local nonprofit that’s trying to bring bees back to areas where they’ve been killed off. The campaign was dreamed up by London-based agency W Comms.

This isn't the first brand to cater specifically to bees. Earlier this year, McDonald's Sweden celebrated World Bee Day with a beehive built to look just like a teensy McDonald's, complete with drive-thru.