Parachute continues its quest to make us feel sorry about our super busy lives

Campaign from Interesting Development likens happy sleepers to hibernating animals

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Oct 23, 2018

Editor's Pick

Luxury linens brand Parachute seems to have a mean streak. Its serene, playful out-of-home home ads like to point out how wonderful life can be when we’re napping or resting--taunting us just before we make that dreadful entrance onto the freeway onramp, or while we’re smashed between bodies on the subway.

Now, along with its agency Interesting Development, formerly known as Office of Baby, Parachute prepares us for the colder months and further brainwashes us with the desire to drop out of the grind altogether (or at least for a couple months) with a new campaign around the theme of “hibernation.”

The “Happy Hibernating” effort  juxtaposes images of dozing humans wrapped up in layers of the brand’s bedding with those of animals who have turned in for the winter. Like the work before it, the ads continue to remind harried 9-to-5ers of where they’d rather be, and of what a life well-rested could be like.

The effort targets older Millennials and Gen X-ers and includes out of home and digital ads focused on the New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles markets.