Paramount+ teases the Super Bowl in its 14th ‘Mountain of Entertainment’ ad

NFL-themed ad features Decepticon Scourge from ‘Transformers’ facing off with Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen

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Jan 11, 2024
Transformer, Peppa Pig, Dora and Football player on mountain

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Like the high-school soccer team in “Yellowjackets,” characters from across Paramount’s roster of IP just can’t escape the peak of that snowy mountain.

This time, in the streamer’s 14th edition of its “Mountain of Entertainment” concept, fictional characters such as “Transformers” bot Decepticon Scourge and Peppa Pig find themselves matched up with NFL personalities as Paramount+ gears up for this year’s Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LVIII will air Feb. 11 on CBS as well as Paramount+ and Nickelodeon. While the spot doesn’t promote the Super Bowl stream officially, it does center CBS’s football assets. 


Created by longtime Paramount Mountain agency Droga5, the spot finds Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen showing off his ball-handling skills to animated swine Peppa Pig. “NFL on CBS” announcers Jim Nantz and Tony Romo spectate in awe, noting that Allen has a “cannon for an arm.” However, that verbiage is an affront to the mechanized behemoth Decepticon Scourge, voiced by Peter Dinklage.

The robot giant drops from the skies to declare his arm to be the superior cannon, as the limb morphs into a fiery weapon. But afflicted by a case of performance anxiety, the cannon only sputters and emits smokes.

“It appears to be frozen solid,” observes “NFL on CBS” announcer Tracy Wolfson. Allen suggests an exercise to warm up. Peppa recommends turning the arm off and back on. But criticism from Nantz seems to do the trick, as the robot’s arm reignites and sends a rocket careening into another nearby peak. 

An NFL ref walks into frame, tossing a flag for “unsportsmanlike conduct” from the Transformer.

The spot will premiere during the “NFL on CBS Wild Card Game” this Sunday, Jan. 14. Another “Mountain of Entertainment” spot will follow during this year’s Super Bowl. Paramount declined to provide additional information on the next iteration.