Perdue does It “for real”

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Oct 11, 2019


Perdue has launched a new line of chicken nuggets, tenders and patties called Perdue Chicken Plus that has a quarter cup of veggies hidden in each serving. We’re introducing the new innovation by showing parents how easy it is to get their picky-eaters to eat more veggies. So easy, in fact, the kids won’t even know it.  In this experiment, we bring a group of nugget-loving, vegetable-hating kids into a school cafeteria and put Perdue Chicken Plus to the ultimate test.


Oct 11, 2019
Agency :
The VIA Agency
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Amos Goss
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Steve Holt
Creative :
Gabriel Guedelha
Creative :
Jessica Fidalgo
Creative :
Lee Cutrone
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Stephen Davis
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Leslie Henderson
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Dan Bailin
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Jerry Izzo
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Mattie Wahosky
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Perdy Mullins
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Sam Peisner

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