British Airways Creates New Pinterest-Like Platform for Vacation Planners

A (Digital) Vacation Wish list

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Jul 23, 2013

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Holiday planners have a new toy in BBH London and British Airways' digital experience, "Picture Your Holiday." The agency designed a visual mood board for travelers to play with and piece together their perfect vacations. Users can then see if British Airways offers the exact trip or something comparable. BBH's mobile agency Monterosa built this Pinterest-like platform and offers plenty of images -- from beach getaways to metropolitan adventures -- that can be dragged and dropped to compile the ultimate trip. British Airways' suggested destinations can then share with friends and family via email and social media.

As a part of an interactive digital that will take place in Westfield London as of July 29th, Grand Visual and Kinetic Fuel built LCD screens that replicate the tool. The thought is that potential users will be able to experiment with it, before going on to do so at home.