This Pizza Hut Box Doubles as a Movie Projector

O&M Hong Kong Has Patented Design

Published On
May 21, 2015

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Pizza and movie nights are obvious bedfollows, so Pizza Hut Hong Kong has created a pizza box which doubles as a movie projector. Ogilvy & Mather Group Hong Kong has patented the packaging, which involves a special container that comes with a projector lens embedded in the pizza saver that sits in the middle of the pie.

The box is available in four designs (based on romance, action, sci-fi and horror movie genres). Once the customer inserts the lens into the side of the box, they can scan a code on the box with their phone, place the phone on a stand, and start watching their choice of short film.

The box launched on April 17 in Hong Kong as a test market and Pizza Hut now plans to adapt the concept for other regional markets.