Pizza Hut will pay you not to share its new Melts on social media

Campaign from GSD&M spotlights that the individual size dish is designed for solo snacking

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Oct 18, 2022
Pizza Hut Melts pizza in box with Melts Disclosure agreement (MDA)

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Food brands are usually desperate for people to talk about their brands on social platforms. But Pizza Hut's new campaign takes the reverse approach. 

To highlight the fact that its new Melts are designed for solo snacking, the restaurant brand will pay people $100 not to talk about the product on social media. 

The campaign, by GSD&M, encourages people to visit and sign an "MDA" (Melts Disclosure Agreement) stating that they will not share their melt on:

"All text posts, picture posts, blog posts, songs, mixtapes, diss tracks, comments, podcasts, streams, lives, bodybuilding website posts, virtual marketplace listings, fanfiction website uploads, posts on a social media you just invented, posts on your burner account that no one you know follows, posts on an online group where everyone pretends to be ants sharing food, or posts your grandmother will comment “beautiful pic my granddaughter” on."

Those that do are in with a chance of a $100 prize.

Pizza Hut Melts, which cost $6.99, feature Pizza Hut’s Thin N’ Crispy crust loaded with toppings and cheese, folded over, baked and complemented with a dipping sauce. Designed for an individual dinner or snack, they come in flavors including Pepperoni Lover’s, Buffalo Chicken, Chicken Bacon Parmesan and Meat Lover’s.