Pizza Hut's pie-shaped Gravity Blanket is 15 pounds of anxiety-absorbing comfort

GSD&M combined the soothing power of the chain's Pan Pizza and a popular stress-buster in one giant 'menu item'

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Nov 18, 2020

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The pandemic has inspired brands to come up with a slew of innovative products: Dos Equis’ six-foot-long cooler, Burger King’s social-distancing sombrero, Magnum's massive beach towel, Kraft Heinz’ all-red ketchup puzzle and Pumpkin Spice Mac & Cheese, Hormel’s bacon-scented mask, Arby’s turkey-shaped nap helmet. But this latest invention arguably has the most potential to soothe and comfort your 2020-weary soul: a Pizza Hut Gravity Blanket.


The pie chain has teamed up with Gravity Products, creators of one of the most well-known weighted blankets to create the “Original Pan Weighted Blanket.” It’s shaped like a pizza (round), and looks like a pizza (one layer of the duvet is a photographic print of the top of an actual Pizza Hut Pan Pizza, while the other features the pie’s crust), but it also offers the 15 pounds of anxiety-absorbing engulfment of Gravity’s popular product.

The idea was created out of Pizza Hut’s agency of record GSD&M. According to SVP/Group Creative Director Tom Hamling, like some of the other ridiculous goods born in the maelstrom of 2020, it was simply the result of “tapping into the fact that we all need a little comfort these days. Since Pizza Hut invented the Pan pizza to be the ultimate warm and heavy comfort food, it just seemed like the perfect fit to partner with Gravity Blanket because nothing is more comfortable than a warm and heavy blanket when the whole world is spiraling.”


The blanket is being promoted through social media in messages touting the new product’s attributes: “Comforts like a pizza, soothes like a Gravity Blanket." 

Pizza Hut and Gravity made a limited run of about 530 Original Pan Weighted Blankets, which go on sale for $150 at Gravity’s site today. 

Now if Pizza Hut and Gravity team up with Hormel, perhaps the next version will also smell like pepperoni. 

Update: By late afternoon following the brand's official announcement of the blanket, Pizza Hut informed followers on social media that all of the pie blankets were sold out. Actual Pan Pizzas, however, are still in ample supply.