Humans get entangled in plastic in this disturbing ocean pollution PSA

Dystopian ad by Plastic Change was filmed by Bacon in Denmark

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Oct 23, 2019

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We've seen many disturbing images about the effect of plastic pollution on the ocean from environmental groups this year, especially after viewers were gripped by images of sea animals entangled in plastic in Blue Planet 2

The latest ad on the subject, from the organization Plastic Change, puts a dystopian spin on the subject, by imagining humans getting tangled up in by plastic rather than animals. Produced by Danish production company Bacon and directed in Denmark by Ida Andreasen, it starts with images of an idyllic day at the beach but quickly turns into something horrific, as a child's torso is twisted by a beer can holder, a woman eating an ice cream finds her face wrapped in garbage and divers are caught in a mass of plastic. It's not a comfortable watch by any means.

“I wanted to tell the story about how human beings are also a part of nature and create a different narrative about the climate crisis through that. I am really grateful that Bacon gave me the opportunity to make the film and that Plastic Change wants to share it with the world,” Andreasen says in a statement.

The film goes live to coincide with annual conference Our Ocean 2019. 


Oct 23, 2019
Client :
Plastic Change
Director :
Ida Andreasen
Exec. Producer :
Mette Jermiin
Producer :
Laura Valentiner-Bohse
Production Coor :
Nicholas Perry
Runner :
Thomas Abrahamsen
Runner :
Holger Karberg
Director of Photography :
Nicolai Lok
Focus Puller :
Atli Kristofer
Light :
Casper Bulow
Set Designer :
Amarya Kramer
Props Team :
Oscar Borjeson
Props Team :
Siff Pristed
Props Team :
Emilie Thalund
Props Team :
Astrid Andreasen
Props Team :
Louise Kongested
Stylist :
Linda Pedersen
Make-up Artist :
Inga Narmonte
SFX make-up Artist :
Thomas Foldberg
Editor :
Nikolaj Dahl
Sound Designer :
Alexander Keller
Consultant :
Anna Louise Petersen Amargós
Composer :
Johan Carøe
Composer :
Astrid Fabrin
Mikkel Hansen
Alex Dubrocard
Post Production :
Bacon X
Grade :
Hannibal Lang

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