Poop in peace at work with the help of this MiraLax poster

Campaign from Energy BBDO helps you deal with 'workstipation' when you head back to the office

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Mar 10, 2022

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After two years of working from home, many are finally headed back to the office. However, returning to life as lived pre-pandemic isn’t like flipping a switch, and the anxieties of going back to a 9-to-5 routine can manifest in an unpleasant place—your bowels.

Laxative brand MiraLax, however, comes to the rescue with a new campaign designed to end “workstipation" and help workers unclench.

The campaign features a branded poster that can be cut, torn and adhered in various ways to offer increased bathroom privacy. An adhesive side strip is perfect for covering up awkward gaps in stall doors and another, shaped like a toilet seat, helps out with keeping the experience sanitary. The poster is scented to mask any unpleasant scents and a QR code connects to a soothing Spotify playlist that can also be turned up to drown out BM-related noise.

Workstipation poster

According to a survey conducted by MiraLax, two-thirds of office-goers prefer to hold their number twos for when they get home. The “Workstipation Reform” campaign, made with agency Energy BBDO, will help open dialogue about workplace defecation and also offers resources for comfier bathroom business.


“Being able to do ‘our business’ at home is a huge perk that some of us are about to lose,” said Gloria Dusenberry, creative director at Energy BBDO, in a statement. “With this campaign, we want to give office-goers the right to talk about this source of anxiety that everyone’s thinking about, but nobody’s talking about…and give them solutions to cope.”

Posters can be requested on the campaign’s website and through April 11, MiraLax encourages cautious crappers to tweet their b-room blunders for a chance to win a deluxe bathroom comfort prize pack, which includes items such as a year’s supply of toilet paper, a diffuser and essential oils kit, speaker set, $1,000 gift card and more MiraLax than one could dream of digesting. 


Mar 10, 2022
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Energy BBDO

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