Pornhub's 'bonerless' bathing suit keeps guys from pitching awkward tents on the beach

The actual swim trunks from Officer & Gentleman are on sale now

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May 24, 2019

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The Beach Boys made a name for themselves singing about the best parts of fun in the sun. But they studiously avoided lyrics about the drawbacks—no songs about sunburn or plastic pollution. Nothing spoken about sand-kicking bullies or the plight of sea turtles. And certainly nothing about errant erections, the eternal scourge of teenage boys (and people who used to be teenage boys).

Fortunately, Pornhub knows what it’s like to have hormones running out of control. Along with agency Officer & Gentleman, the adult streaming site has created a “bonerless” bathing suit for men who are worried about keeping their beach umbrella from pitching itself.

The actual set of swim trunks features a “breathable layer of form-fitting material” to corral any sudden trouser action. It retails for $69.69 (get it?), though the coupon code BONER drops it by $20.

A music video in the vein of dance scenes from surf films like “Beach Blanet Bingo” follows a hapless beachgoer wrestling with his overeager libido on a shore awash with skimpy swimsuits and shocked onlookers. Spanish surf-rock band Airbag recorded the song “Beach Boner Blues” for the campaign, accompanied by American punk Singer Kurt Baker. Fans can also listen on Spotify or download the tune from Bandcamp.

The suit is the latest in a long line of products Officer & Gentleman has created for Pornhub, including the motion-powered Wankband and “Sex Instruments,” a track composed with sex toy sounds.


May 24, 2019
Client :
Agency :
Officer & Gentleman
Executive Creative Director :
Javi Iñiguez de Onzoño
Executive Creative Director :
Alex Katz
Managing Director :
Jose Ortiz
Account Director :
Alejandro Fata
Account Executive :
Marta Cintero
Project Manager :
Beto P. F.
Art Director :
Javier Malluguiza
Art Director :
Luis Álvarez
Copywriter :
Emilio Franquelo
Production Company :
Director :
Fermín Cimadevilla
Producer :
Luis Diguardi
Director of Photography :
Iván Caso
Colorist :
Nadia Khairat
Art Director :
Ulbi Foulkes
Stylist :
Maria Gamero
Original Music :
Original Lyrics :
Alex Katz
Original Lyrics :
Javi Iñiguez
Original Lyrics :
Emilio Franquelo
Original Lyrics :
Kurt Baker
Original Lyrics :
Beach Boner Blues
Original Lyrics :
Airbag feat. Kurt Baker
Music Production & Mix :
Carlos Hernández Nombela
Recorded By :
Máximo Ruiz
Recorded By :
Manuel Varo

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