This power company is offering you therapy for your climate anxiety

Campaign for Sweden's Vattenfall lets you book appointments with engineers

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Nov 01, 2021

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As the world watches for news of a climate agreement from COP26 amid catastrophic predictions, there has probably never been any more climate change anxiety than now. 

Swedish power company Vattenfall has decided to get proactive and tackle the issue head on with what it's calling "Engineerapy" — "therapy" sessions in which customers can talk to an engineer about their climate worries. Taking inspiration from digital health platforms, people can book their 20-minute appointment online and the engineer will give them "fact-based information and an insight into the positive development that is actually taking place," according to the company's statement.

The project was devised by agency Nord DDB, in conjunction with "climate psychologists" including Dr. Knut Ivar Karevold. "When the apocalyptic and negatively charged reporting on the climate dominates, people become paralyzed," said Karevold in the statement. "We need a balanced conversation about the climate where the solutions and the progress are allowed to become a larger part of the story, as it strengthens people's belief in their own and others' ability to act."

The booking platform is open in Sweden and Finland for five weeks, and it's being promoted via digital and social channels with a video, seen here, as well as influencer collaborations.