Intel/Toshiba Launch Third Social Film Experience, 'The Power Inside'

This Time, It's About an Alien Invasion

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Jul 25, 2013

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All those mustaches you've seen cropping up on the upper lips of men everywhere aren't just a case of fashion gone wrong. If Intel is to be believed, it's a sign of something more sinister: an alien invasion.

That's the basis of Intel and Toshiba's third social film campaign "The Power Inside," set to be launched in August by Pereira & O'Dell. The agency has won accolades for the last two "Inside" experiences, including winning big at Cannes as well as picking up a Daytime Emmy, for last year's "The Beauty Inside."

Will Speck and Josh Gordon of "Blades of Glory" fame will direct, and you can read more about the campaign in Behind the Work.


Jul 25, 2013
Agency :
Pereira O'Dell
Chief Creative Officer :
PJ Pereira
Executive Creative Director :
Jaime Robinson
Creative Director :
Jason Apaliski
Copywriter :
Ross Cavin
Copywriter :
Neil Ramanan
Art Director :
Chris Adams
Art Director :
Brett Beaty
Vice President, Production :
Jeff Ferro
Film Producer :
Bill Spangler
Senior Integrated Producer :
Kelsie Van Deman
Production Company :
Production Company :
Love Child
Director :
Josh Gordon
Executive Producer :
Diane McArter
Executive Producer :
David Thorne
Producer :
Jan Wieringa
Writer :
Matt Robinson
Director, Photography :
Jo Willems
Editor :
Rick Pearson A.C.E.
Post Supervisor :
Chris Ott
Trailer Editor :
Nina Kawasaki
Brand :
Client :
Director :
Will Speck
Brand :
Client :
Visual Effects/Online :
Executive Producer :
Cally Morton
Creative Director :
Rob Moggach
Visual Effects Producer :
Matt Olmon
Graphics :
Music :
Elias Arts
Sound Designer :
Peter Rincon

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