The 'worst player in the world' dies a thousand avoidable deaths in PUBG campaign

'Reggie' shows PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds fans what not to do to stay alive

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Jul 24, 2019

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Before there was “Fortnite,” there was "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," a 100-player battle royale video game shooter. Fans of the game are fervently loyal, drawn by a combination of mayhem, schadenfreude and humor.

A new campaign from AKQA taps into the willingness of PUBG players to laugh at their own mistakes, with a series of short spots featuring “The Worst Player in the World.” Reggie, an overly-confident novice, shows off his (lack of) skills as he carefully maneuvers his way through digital environs, avoiding other players looking to pick him off before he achieves his goal.

Just kidding. He dies terribly after making rookie mistakes any player will recognize. Donning the wrong camo, stepping out into the open to grab loot, making too much noise—all of these screw-ups will get you killed when 99 other people are trying to hunt you down.


The shorts play out like an educational series, with Reggie explaining the do's and don'ts of different game scenarios. His advice is often right (definitely a forum junkie), but he can't usually pull it off.


Stealth isn't his forte, and neither is strategy.


When he teams up with other players—good ones—even their advanced skills can't keep him safe.


But no matter how many times he dies, Reggie doesn't give up. And eventually, his persistence pays off with a kill of his own—no deductions for sloppiness. The spots are directed by Ricky Mabe via PF100 and are running online now.


Jul 24, 2019
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