Quilted Northern is just really nice toilet paper, not a bunny,dolphins or a goldfish, say these zany ads

Campaign from Droga5 highlights the craft that goes into making it

Published On
Mar 22, 2018

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Quilted Northern's rather off-the-wall new campaign is based around a product insight: that it's just really nice toilet paper. That's compared with all the random things you could mistake it for instead, like dolphins, a goldfish, planet earth, a bouncy castle and--seen here--a fluffy angora show bunny.

The ads are by Droga5, which seems to be bringing to the brand some of the zaniness we've seen in its campaigns for the likes of MailChimp.

Matthew Swanson at Epoch directed the series of 15-second spots for the brand, which aim to highlight the craft and quality that goes into the product (yes, there's method in the randomness--the angora bunny, for example, is meant to represent the softness of the paper and the bouncy castle its flexibility).


Mar 22, 2018
Brand :
Quilted Northern
Client :
Quilted Northern
Chairperson :
David Droga
Executive Creative Director :
Neil Heymann
Creative Director :
Matty Smith
Associate Creative Director :
Erica Pressly Kaplan
Copywriter :
Ryan Snyder
Copywriter :
Ted Meyer
Art Director :
Katie Willis
Art Director :
Tommaso Fontanella
Group Design Director :
Rich Greco
Senior Project Manager :
Lara Yegenoglu
Project Manager :
Tessa Muchura
Executive Producer :
Dieter Lebbe
Film Producer :
Leah Donnenberg
Group Director, Strategy :
Katy Alonzo
Senior Brand Strategist :
Sarah Garman
Communications Strategy Director :
Elsa Stahura
Executive Group Director :
Jeff Prince
Account Director :
Ross Gillis
Account Manager :
Kyra Gembka
Associate Account Manager :
Tehjal Suri
Associate Counsel :
Zachary Werner
Chief Marketing Officer :
Douwe Bergsma
Senior Director, Content Center Leader :
Shari Neumann
Brand Director :
Aviral Singh
Brand Building Leader Director :
Santiago Arboleda
Sr Brand Building Manager :
Richard Busby
Production Company :
Epoch Films
Director :
Matthew Swanson
Director, Photography :
Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
Executive Producer :
Melissa Culligan
Producer :
Stephanie Bruni
Editorial :
Executive Producer :
Sasha Hirschfield
Editor :
Katie Turinski
Assistant Editor :
Travis Moore
Executive Producer :
Sasha Hirschfeld
Producer :
Veitan Nyugen
Post Production :
Company 3
Post Production :
Method Studios
Producer :
Anna Kravtsov
Colorist :
Sofie Borup
Music :
Haystack Music
Sound Director :
Heard City
Sound Engineer :
Evan Mangiamele
Sound Engineer :
Mike Vitacco

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