A Lazy Lion's Natural Habitat Is the Sofa in Ikea's Funny Ad

Mother London's Charming Wildlife Parody Persuades Brits to 'Relax into Greatness'

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Jul 13, 2017

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A lazy lion shows consumers how to throw off the stress of modern life and "relax into greatness" in this new U.K. spot for Ikea by Mother London.

Instead of his natural jungle habitat, Ikea's feline gets his 18 hours of daily rest in the living room, where he recharges his batteries reading a book on the sofa, or idly watches a wildlife documentary.

When he needs a stretch, he gets up to perform a quick sun salutation before resuming his position on the couch.

Just when you think he can't get any more laid back, the living room door flies open and his young offspring comes bounding in, surrounded by a group of friends. They are here to celebrate her birthday, demanding rides and balloons from Dad, who is rested and ready for action in his lion suit.

Us directed the ad via Academy Films.