Romanian Chocolate Brand Targets Emigrants With a Clever Campaign

Rom Let People Create Customized Videos for Relatives Working Abroad

Published On
Jun 17, 2015

Editor's Pick

McCann Bucharest seems to be on a roll recently with campaigns such as Sunday Grannies and Ghita the Shepherd for Vodafone. Here's another campaign from the agency that caught our eye, this time for chocolate brand Rom, linking the brand to one of the country's most high-profile social issues -- emigration.

Romania is a country of emigrants, with four million people, out of a population of 18 million, currently estimated to be working abroad. After new president Klaus Iohannis issued a call for Romanians to return home last December, Rom invited people to go to a microsite where they could create customized, tear-jerking videos for relatives working abroad, using the name and photo of the person, and the country they left for.

The videos directed Romanians to get in touch with various recruitment companies that Rom had partnered with, while the brand also placed Romanian-language in foreign newspapers and on social media. According to this case study video, the campaign got plenty of media attention, even from the country's Labor Minister. Whether it really succeeded in bringing back Romanians only time will tell -- but it did help Rom overtake rival Snickers on its Facebook fan base.

The brand and agency are known for doing suprising work, including the Cannes Grand Prix-winning effort that helped to increase sales by playing on national pride and repackaging the candy bar in "offensive" American stars and stripes.