Doritos' Latest Daring Product: A Russian Roulette-Style Bag of Chips

One Out of Every Six Chips Is Super Spicy

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Apr 27, 2015

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Frito-Lay just announced that it would be introducing Doritos "Roulette" bags to the U.S.-- a new variety in which one out of every six chips in the bag would be "melt-your-face" hot, Frito-Lay Senior Marketing Director Jeff Klein told Advertising Age.

The gambling-themed bags were introduced in Mexico in 2012 and then subsequently other markets, and finally, U.S. chip eaters will get to play the chips game for themselves.

To promote the offering, the advertiser has revamped a spot created out of BBDO Mexico that debuted the chips in the Mexican market (see above). It features a young man and woman sitting at a table of strange, costumed mascots taking a chance at eating from the bag. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners and The Marketing Arm have also created a digital campaign to support the launch. It will include a microsite where fans can play a roulette-style game to win prizes by tagging three friends and entering as teams. The one winning team will be announced in a Vine video -- but only three members will get cool prizes, like an XBox one, while the fourth will get a clunker.

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