Ryan Reynolds brings back Match.com's Satan in a crossover event with Mint Mobile

After finding love with 2020, the big red guy returns for a job with Big Wireless in Maximum Effort's latest work

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Apr 08, 2021

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It’s the kind of crossover event one might find in a comic book. Fresh off the dating market and in a (happy? miserable? damnable?) relationship thanks to Match.com, Satan is working on self-actualizing other parts of his life. Now he’s found fulfilling work, even more rewarding than gathering souls for the underworld.

He fits right in at Big Wireless, the soulless corporation that runs most people’s mobile phone accounts. From torturing people on the customer service lines to raising hidden fees to dropping rank deuces in the public bathroom (in some ways, all workplaces are the same). Lucifer is a natural, and he wins adoring accolades from his human coworkers, who have been doing this kind of work for years.

The only obstacle is Mint Mobile, the wireless brand owned by Ryan Reynolds. Obviously then, the spot is out of Maximum Effort, Reynolds’ own shop, which originated the Satan character at the end of last year in a spot for Match.com.

“From Match to sneakers and now wireless… Satan is on fire!” Reynolds said in a statement, referring to the custom Satan-branded Nikes by Lil Nas X. “We like to break new ground at Maximum Effort so the idea of having Satan find professional success at Big Wireless right after finding love on Match was so appealing. I like to think of it as my own personal MCU—the Mephistopheles Commercial Universe.”

It’s rare for popular characters from one company’s commercials to show up in ads for another, particularly when they aren’t owned by the same parent company, so the move speaks to the strength of Reynolds’ own brand (barring a few films none of us will ever get over).

"Though we love that Satan found love with 2020 on Match last year, we unsurprisingly don’t mind that he’s no longer in the dating pool," added Ayni Raimondi, VP Brand of Match, in the statement. "We were happy to share him when Maximum Effort found him a new gig with Mint. You’ll be glad we did, the spot is hilarious." 

We're definitely excited for the inevitable Aviation Gin x Satan collab to drop. And also a showdown with Sugar Panda