Ryan Reynolds' influence may have gone too far—all the way to an ad for Kraft Mac & Cheese

Partnership with upcoming Netflix film is latest effort in larger Kraft Heinz revamp

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Mar 07, 2022

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Ryan Reynolds has become a consistent fixture in advertising, lending his face, voice and agency—Maximum Effort—to seemingly endless campaigns (even if it doesn’t work). Now, perhaps his influence has gone too far, corrupting young actors.

On the set of the latest ad for Kraft Mac & Cheese, created by Maximum Effort, a young actor is causing drama with his irreverent ad-libbing, suspiciously similar to the “Deadpool” star’s MO. That’s because the youth, Walker Scobell, has spent time onset with Reynolds as a younger version of his character in Netflix’s upcoming time travel adventure “The Adam Project.” 

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Scobell’s adorable cheeriness is a hilarious contrast to his attempts at salesmanship, with pitches such as “If your parents don’t buy it, stop loving them,” “So good, you’ll want to fire your grandma” and “If you don’t like it, I’ll [beep]ing find you!” 

Backstage, Ryan Reynolds worries that he may be having a negative impact on Scobell because of their time together on set, so he offers him a pep talk: “Listen, you need to get it [long beep].”

Whatever expletives Reynolds whispered to the boy seems to have worked. In the end, he delivers the appropriate line, with minimal additions.

The partnership between Kraft Mac & Cheese and Netflix’s “The Adam Project” is a continuation of the Kraft Heinz company’s revamp to explore new ways of marketing the legacy products. Although Maximum Effort headed recent work for Kraft Heinz in a series of throwback ads for a Jimmy Kimmel special, previous work for the “Help Yourself” brand campaign has come from agency Johannes Leonardo.

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