Boston Dynamics' terrifying robo-dog is quite cute in Sam Adams Big Game teaser

Your Cousin from Boston has a new buddy in tease for regional Super Bowl ad from Goodby Silverstein & Partners

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Jan 31, 2022

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Sam Adams teases a return to the Super Bowl after last year’s buzzy spot. The beer brand’s pot-stirring 2021 ad, which ran regionally in only two markets, saw the Your Cousin from Boston character unleash a stampede of Clydesdale horses to wreak havoc on the city. The ad from agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners resulted in $15 million in earned media nationally, despite its limited release.

Sam Adams’ Wicked IPA is back to cause trouble at this year’s game, but before the brewer unveils its regional big game ad, it’s celebrating a famous local in a pre-Super Bowl teaser.

The commercial gives a brief nod to Boston-based robotics and AI company Boston Dynamics, the creator of those infamous dog-like robots that have appeared in the brand's social videos and are considered by many to be quite terrifying. While many may be put off by the animatronic’s appearance, Your Cousin seems to hardly be able to tell the difference between it and an actual canine. 

After realizing his Wicked IPA can is empty, the goofy Bostonian whistles for robotic Spot to fetch him another. The little mechanical pup trots out and rockets the drink at Your Cousin, which he catches with the skill of a true footballer. As Spot gets sassy with him, Your Cousin says, as if reasoning with a whimpering dog, “I don’t have any treats! Don’t beg!”