A smiley pomeranian inspires a music track in Samsung's latest smartphone photography campaign

Singer Samm Henshaw created 'All Good' based on the Instagram post

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Dec 04, 2020

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An image of a smiley pomeranian dog inspired a new music track by singer UK-based soul and R&B singer Samm Henshaw, in Samsung's latest work from its "Inspired by a True Photo" platform.

Henshaw was challenged by the brand to take part in "Inspired by A True Photo platform," via Mother London, which debuted in October encouraging people to upload their Galaxy smartphone photographs for the chance to be featured in the campaign. T(he first piece of work from the platform, the commercial "Onions," was inspired by a photo of a bag of onions.)

This time, Samsung picked an image by posted to Instagram by Ayush Luther (@black_hawk_x7), and tracked him down to find out the story behind the smiling dog picture. (The image is of his dog Bunny, an Indie-Pomeranian crossbreed.) Henshaw was then challenged to create music inspired by it. 

“This was such an exciting project, particularly over the last few months when undoubtedly people's creativity may have been challenged," commented the singer in a statement. "When I first saw the photo, it instantly made me smile and feel happy, so I knew I had to bring that same energy to ‘All Good’, I want to make people get up and dance! The fact it’s just a photo taken on someone’s Samsung phone, not knowing the how or why, and making it the start of my creative journey is an experience I’ve never had before."

The resulting song, "All Good,"  features appropriately feel-good lyrics and up-beat melodies. It can be streamed on Spotify and a music video will be released next week; the dog image is also the album cover.