This is what happened when people finally received Sargento's 'world's slowest pizza delivery'

Cheese brand made good on its promise to get pies to customers in about four to 18 months

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Oct 02, 2019

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Back in April, cheese brand Sargento really took the idea of “slow food” to heart when it promised some lucky consumers the chance to partake in what it called “The World’s Slowest Pizza Delivery.”

Working with Ogilvy Chicago, the brand wanted to promote the fact that it takes from four to 18 months to get some of its specialty cheeses to full flavor. Consumers could order pies topped with those cheeses on a dedicated website, where they could also watch the various cheeses age on a live cheese-cam. Only when the cheeses were ready would they make their way onto the top of a pie.

This week, some of those cheeses reached full maturity, so Sargento made good on its promise and sent pizzas to folks like Chicagoans Jalisa Ambrose, co-host of the Black Girl Report Podcast, Matt Troost, chef at  restaurant Good Measure and Mary Rosenwinkel, a program coordinator at Respiratory Health Association. From their reactions, it seems the pies were worth the wait, though we would have loved to see a taste comparison between pizzas with new cheese and aged.


Oct 02, 2019
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