Uniqlo Asks Why We Get Dressed in First Global Ad Campaign

A Philosophical Approach From the Japanese Retailer

Published On
Aug 16, 2016

Editor's Pick

Uniqlo gets philosophical about fashion, asking "why do we get dressed?" in its first global TV campaign, created by Droga5 New York.

The ad is set in a Japanese urban environment, true to Uniqlo's roots, and features a man running past various different people through the scene as our narrator probes the question of why we put on clothing at all -- is it due to our mood, the weather, to protect ourselves or make us feel happy?

It's not your typical fashion campaign at all -- in fact, the deep questioning reminds us more of Airbnb's "Is Man Kind?" ad, although not as bizarre -- but then, Uniqlo isn't your typical fashion brand. It takes the functionality and technology of clothing seriously, and that's what the spot, promoting its "Lifewear," is trying to get across. As our protagonist reaches what he was running towards, the film ends with the explanation: "There's no one answer, but to make clothes for life, we'll keep asking. That's the science of Lifewear."

There are English and Japanese versions of the spot, which launched in Japan yesterday and will roll out to other markets worldwide.