Scott Disick Goes Psycho To Promote Kanye West

Parody of cult movie scene to push West's new album

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Jun 18, 2013

Editor's Pick

Love him or hate him, but Scott Disick of the Kardashian crew is intriguing in the American Psycho-inspired promo for Yeezus, the new album from his sister-in-law's baby daddy/rapper Kanye West.  Mr. Disick, with his squeaky voice and excited manner, bears a goofy resemblance to Christian Bale yet proves to be a good fit in the parody of  investment banker/serial killer Patrick Bateman. Kardashian publicist Jonathan Cheban also steps easily into the shoes of Jared Leto and the character of Paul Allen.

The two take on the famous scene in which Bateman brutally murders Allen. Donning the iconic black suit, red tie, and white rain coat ensemble from the original scene, Disick waxes rhapsodic about Kanye West, his work to date, and how Yeezus (which launches in stores today) is a masterpiece with songs “so catchy most people won’t even remember the words”.

The subtle changes in the homage make for nice touches--the pages of Billboard magazine, for example, are taped to the floor, as opposed to New York Times style section.  Everything is calculated to bring the attention back to Kanye. The music blaring from the speakers isn’t Huey Lewis and the News’ “Hip to be Square,” as it was in the film, but rather West’s.  Disick states that “Kanye’s been compared to Jesus, Hitler, Walt Disney and even Steve Jobs,” before singing the praises of featured songs “Slaves” and “I’m a God” in Bateman’s manic manner.