Pepsi Next : Scumbag Steve

Watch 'em give it a try.

Published On
Apr 03, 2012

Editor's Pick

"Drink it to believe it," is Pepsi NEXT's tagline, and an "Internet Taste Test" campaign from the cola brand and The Barbarian Group features Rob Riggle, Gary Vaynerchuck and meme Scumbag Steve "giving it a try."

The campaign's centerpiece is a Facebook appwhere users can watch "themselves" taste Pepsi NEXT... you opt in, plug in some information about you, and then watch Funny or Die comedians impersonate you. The fan videos will then be edited and posted back to users in about 24 hours.

It's a difficult thing to wrap your head around, but one of the films supporting the campaign is a "how-to" featuring Rob Riggle. Other videos star Vaynerchuck and Scumbag Steve taking their first "sip."