This Mother's Day Short Will Make You Wish You Had Google Glass

'Seeds' is About a Young Man on a Special Journey

Published On
May 09, 2014

Editor's Pick

At the beginning, this is just one wonderful film that is sure to bring a tear or two to your eye -- especially if you're a mom. Shot from a first-person POV, the film, which takes you on a journey from San Francisco to India, starts with a shot of the camera-wearer bidding goodbye to his lovely partner, then continues with him hopping onto a plane (where shots of him eating, sitting and washing his hands in the tiny restroom are featured), landing in India, and getting on to a train, all whilst carrying a mysterious brown paper envelope. It's a sweet, entertaining film -- if you can get past the fact that the Glass-wearer doesn't adequately document the amounts of crazy looks he must have gotten while wearing the things, especially in rural India.

At the end, his mission is made clear, as is the fact that this was actually a Google project, shot entirely on Glass as part of the "Glass Creative Collective." A team of alumni and students from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts are behind the film.