Showtime (Dexter) : Serial Huntress

The Infinity Killer is on the loose. Can you help capture him?

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Aug 02, 2010

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Last week, this mysterious Sleep Superbly AR demo promoting sleep optimization therapy started to make the web rounds. Turns out, it's part of an ongoing ARG prmoting Showtime's fifth season of Dexter, which includes sites, blogs, Twitter riddles and mobile scavenger hunts surrounding the "Infinity Killer," who leaves the google mark in blood every time he's completed a kill.

The ARG launched with a hunt on SCVNGR during San Diego's Comic-con, which led players to a kill room and bloody murder scene, along with more clues leading to the Sleep Superbly site and one for the Serial Huntress, shown here, who's crowdsourcing your help to nab the murderer.

To nerd out on the game yourself, see more details on the progress so far Unfiction Forum.


Aug 02, 2010
Showtime (Dexter)
Showtime (Dexter)

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