Coke's Sweet Father-Daughter Story Brings Its Musical 'Share a Coke' Cans to Life

Lyrical Update of Campaign Gets Broadcast and Celebrity Twitter Plugs

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Apr 28, 2016

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Earlier this year, Coca-Cola announced that it was bringing music to its "Share a Coke" campaign by putting more than 70 lyrics on its bottles and cans. Now the company is getting the word out further with broadcast spots and social media plugs from music celebrities.

The TV spots include a sweet story featuring a father and daughter preparing for one of the biggest celebriations of her life, her Quinceanera. She clumsily goes through dance steps with her dad, getting frustrated when he can't get the moves down and steps on her foot. Sensing her stress, he reaches into the fridge and pulls out a bottle of Coke, imprinted with the lyrics, "Stand Junto a Mi," from Prince Royce's Spanish/English cover of Sam Cooke's classic "Stand by Me."

The song itself kicks in, she breaks into a smile and the ad then cuts to the pair moving gracefully on the dance floor during the big celebration.

According to a Coke representative, a real father and daughter from Texas were cast for the spot. The mother also acted as an extra on set.

The spot is running for both Hispanic and mass market, on Galavision and Univision as well as the CBS Late Show, ESPN2, according to iSpot.

A second ad, the 15-second version of which was just released, features a group of kids walking triumphantly back into school after a big tournament win, medals dangling from their necks. The track backing them and appearing on their bottles is "All I Do Is Win," by DJ Khaled.

The celebrities themselves are also giving the campaign a boost. Selena Gomez recently tweeted that "Shake a Coke is back," and the brand says Jason Derulo and Conrad Sewell, who sings Coke's new "Taste the Feeling" anthem, are scheduled to tweet as well.

Further building on the musical theme, Coca-Cola also recently announced that starting on May 2, Grammy-nominated singer Andra Day's picture and lyrics would appear on 40 million Coke cups at McDonald's around the country, according to the AP.

Lyrics will be from her single "Rise Up," and those who buy the Cokes will also be able to view through their mobile phones and Shazam the short film documentary "I Rise." Based on the single, it highlights four African-American women who have made significant impact in their communities.