Taco Bell Ensures You Don't Have to Share Your Nachos Ever Again

'Sharing Sucks,' Says New Campaign via Deutsch L.A.

Published On
May 22, 2015

Editor's Pick

Taco Bell goes against the grain of the sharing zeitgeist with its latest food invention: Grilled Stuft Nachos. The fast feeder introduces the new product via and ad that broke this weekend, created out of Deutsch L.A. and directed by Hungry Man's Dave Laden. In it, a frustrated man gripes about our current culture of oversharing -- it starts when you're a kid and you're forced to share with friends and continues through adulthood, when you're subject to the sharing of selfies and baby pictures through social media.

And that familiar party food known for its shareability, nachos, is probably the worst example. But Taco Bell solves that problem with the new product, which looks kind of like a triangular burrito, a shape that's not conducive to being picked at by others. The ad, "Sharing Sucks," is part of a broader effort that will also include a social component rolling out in June calling out our oversharing tendencies.