Konami Gets Sneaky Revealing Norman Reedus as Star of New 'Silent Hill' Game

Hideo Kojima & Guiillermo Del Toro Collaborate on Latest Addition to Franchise

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Aug 14, 2014

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Recently at the Sony PlayStation online marketplace, the game giant debuted what it called the "world's first interactive teaser" for a mysterious new title called "P.T." The teaser, as played by gamer Soapy Warpig here, takes gamers through a creepy, very haunted looking pad, full of doors that for sure must have some frightening monstrosity lurking behind them. Ultimately, they're led outdoors where the big reveal takes place--that the demo is actually promoting the new "Silent Hill" game "Silent Hills," which will be a collaboration between Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and filmmaker Guiillermo Del Toro ("Hellboy," "Pacific Rim"). Even better, its main character will be played and voiced by Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon of "Walking Dead" fame.

As reported by IGN during the recent Gamescom conference, Mr. Kojima took considerable efforts to create a shroud of mystery around the new game, and said he intentionally dropped the production quality of the teaser to make gamers think the game was a release from an unknown studio, dubbed "7780s." That turned out to be a clue -- 7780 is the number of square kilometers of Japanese prefecture Shizuoka, which, translated to English, can mean "Silent Hill."


Aug 14, 2014

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