Ophidiophobes Beware! Smirnoff's Snakes Really Bite

Mother London and Johnny Hardstaff Create Stylish Spot for Brand's Vodka-Apple Juice Blend

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Sep 16, 2013

Editor's Pick

Slithery, sexy and sultry is the direction Mother London chose for its debut of Smirnoff's sub-brand Smirnoff Apple Bite, a combo vodka-apple juice drink, an account the agency won in April this year. To direct, the agency tapped RSA director Johnny Hardstaff, the man behind the stylish promotional films for Ridley Scott's Prometheus to direct. Together, they create a sleek, sophisticated story of intrigue, starring a young couple who comes upon an other-wordly club. There, they encounter patrons, bartenders and performers who are just a little bit off--but the real stars of the spot turn out to be way more fang-tastic.

Accompanying the TV are print ads shot by Nick Meek, also featuring reptilian subjects.