Brits Turn All American in McDonald's Latest U.K. Spots

Ads by Leo Burnett Promote 'Great Tastes of America' Menu

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May 05, 2017

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McDonald's is promoting its limited edition "Great Tastes of America" menu in the U.K. with a series of humorous spots in which British people start turning all American while discussing their lunch choices.

A woman describing the South Carolina Stack burger to her friend transforms take by take into a Dolly Parton lookalike (seen here), a man telling his colleague about the Tennessee Stack turns all Mad Max biker; a guy describing the New York Stack transforms into a baseball player (along with his dog) and two women discussing the Louisiana Stack while waiting for an elevator morph into a cheerleader and football mascot.

The spots, by Leo Burnett, are snappily directed by The Bobbsey Twins Fro Homicide at Blink -- with the comedy stemming partly from the juxtaposition of the actors' regional British accents and deadpan tone with their outrageously American alter-egos. The campaign runs until June 27 on U.K. TV.