Sprite debuts its first global campaign in more than 50 countries

'Let's Be Clear' rolls out in four films highlighting authenticity—and the drink's transparency

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Jun 17, 2021

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Sprite is debuting its first-ever global marketing campaign called “Let’s Be Clear,” created in partnership with Gut Buenos Aires. The campaign is aimed at energetic Gen Z’ers who could use some time to unplug, kick back and refresh physically, emotionally and with a lemon-lime beverage.

“Let’s Be Clear,” teased as the pioneer of Coca-Cola’s new, efficient marketing philosophy in an earnings call earlier this year, is set to roll out globally throughout 2021. It features four films that explore and appeal to digital youths’ propensity for challenging tradition and societal norms. 

“As a brand that’s always stood for individuality, self-expression and progress, Sprite believes that authenticity and genuine self-expression are truly refreshing,” said Shrenik Dasani, senior director of brand strategy for Sprite, in a statement. “‘Let’s Be Clear’ encourages the clearest generation to reset with the cut-through refreshment of Sprite, which enables them to reset their world with clarity and authentic self-expression.”

The first film in the campaign, called “I Gotta Be Me” after the song made famous by Sammy Davis Jr., is a celebration of self-expression that will fit in nicely with other brands’ Pride campaigns.

Directed by Jared Knetch, who has previously shown his expertise in filming textured and emotion-driven advertisements for Burger King and Blue Nile, the film shows real teens expressing their true selves, like a rainbow-polished rugby player, an amputee swimmer and a trans student using their preferred bathroom. The ad culminates in a pun on identity and the color of Sprite beverages: “Transparency stands out.”

The films will run on TV, digital and in shortened form for social media in over 50 countries. “Let’s Be Clear” will also feature out-of-home and print executions.

This campaign isn’t Sprite’s first to tackle identity and expression. In 2019, Sprite combatted hate speech and isolation online with Argentine agency Santo, and last year, the soft drink brand addressed America’s history of racial inequity with Wieden+Kennedy.