Zombies, Bad Phone Plan--What's the Difference?

Not much, says new Boost campaign via The Monkeys

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Jun 11, 2013

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What’s the difference between a restrictive phone plan and (what some believe to be) an imminent zombie apocalypse? New South Wales-based creative agency, The Monkeys, argues that there isn’t much of one in the “Stay Living” campaign it just launched for Boost Mobile Australia.

At its core are three short films: Saff and Jen, Ben, and Mary featuring popular Aussie bloggers and vloggers Kimmi Smiles and Lounda Maroun. The gory videos feature different characters fearlessly -- almost disinterestedly -- slaying the undead in order to complete everyday tasks: grocery shopping, picking up some gas, and stopping by the office. Boost hoped to target Gen Y-ers who want the flexibility afforded by an unlimited prepaid plan. In the age of The Walking Dead and the upcoming World War Z, this ad couldn’t have been timed any better.


Jun 12, 2013
Brand :
Client :
Agency :
The Monkeys
Chief Creative Officer :
Justin Drape
Executive Creative Director :
Micah Walker
Digital Creative Director :
Jay Gelardi
Art Director :
Oksana Valentelis
Copywriter :
Henry Kember
Head of Broadcast Production :
Thea Carone
Broadcast Producer :
Jade Wannell
Production Company :
Director :
Matt Devine, The Glue Society
Managing Director/Executive Producer :
Michael Ritchie
Producer :
Adrian Shapiro
Editing :
Dan Lee
Visual Effects Supervisor :
Nicholas Pon, Fin Design
Composers and Sound Design :

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