Test your IQ as Steph Curry plays basketball with Under Armour's trivia app

Steph IQ goes live today in NBA playoffs

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May 03, 2018

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Under Armour has released a fun trivia app that you can play while watching Steph Curry's on-court antics during the NBA playoffs.

Beginning during the playoffs game 3, the Steph IQ app challenges fans on their knowledge of Curry's game and history of basketball. But you can only play it every time Curry hits his first three pointer. The game then loads up and offers fans the chance to play eight multiple choice questions. If you get one wrong, you're out, but if all eight are correct, you'll be in with a chance of a prize: a split of the pot of Under Armour store credit or a place in a daily raffle for goodies like tickets to see the Golden State Warriors.

Red Interactive created the app.