Milka Introduces a Brightly Hued Alpine Wonderland Where Magical Things Can Happen

European Chocolate and Biscuit Campaign Is First Work From W&K

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Apr 04, 2016

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Milka is introducing a pan-European campaign for both its chocolate and its cookies that depicts a brightly colored Alpine wonderland that's whimsically charming and magical for both children and adults.

Two new TV spots by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, which won the account last year, are set in the idyllic fictional mountain town of Lilaberg, where the sky is always blue, cows are (naturally) purple and everybody seems charming and kind.

In one, seen here, a little boy explores a circus and is particularly fascinated by Gustavus the Strongman. The kid then tries out his own strength and is disappointed, but Gustavus later helps him out by giving him a confidence boost via a bar of Milka chocolate. In a second ad, for Milka's chocolate biscuits, a little girl goes to buy a cookie jar in a magical store where all the jars seem to come to life. She chooses one which looks just like her Grandpa, who is delighted by the joke.

It's the first time both Milka's chocolate and its cookies have been promoted under the same platform. The new tagline for both is "Tenderness is inside."

The commercials, directed by Vesa Manninen of Hobby Film, were created by W&K creative directors Daniel Schaefer and Szymon Rose, who said in a statement: "Having grown up in Germany, Milka has always been very close to our hearts. Our aim is to fill this fictional world with characters that feel absolutely natural and authentic. We want to tell stories that everyone can relate to and that capture a very specific, nostalgic feeling that still lives within all of us."