This Telecom Campaign Takes a Fly-on-the-Wall Look at a Real Family

Tom Tagholm Directs Reality TV-Style Ads Filming British Clan on Unmanned Cameras

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Oct 03, 2016

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The U.K. telecoms firm TalkTalk has taken a reality TV-style approach to advertising in its latest campaign, which features footage of an ordinary British family filmed over two weeks by unmanned cameras.

Tom Tagholm, the Park Pictures director known for his "Meet the Superhumans" campaign for Channel 4, worked on the campaign, with agency CHI & Partners. The aim, says TalkTalk, is to reveal the "central roles technology and connectivity have come to play within the family unit." But the edited footage isn't just about people on their phones, tablets or watching TV (although those things do appear, and the latter is very reminiscent of hit show "Gogglebox.") It also captures real-life moments, both funny and emotional, in the life of the family, who were cast after a three-month search.

As well as the launch film, seen here, the campaign will consist of a series of ten films, centered around the strapline "It matters" -- for example "Telly after a hard day's work. It matters," or "Boys. They matter." Print and out-of-home executions will feature stills from Olly Burn, a photographer who joined the family for two weekends in order to capture moments from their day-to-day lives.

Micky Tudor, Creative Partner at CHI & Partners, said: "This is a very brave, completely unprecedented campaign, which proves that the small, humble moments of everyday life have as much power to capture our imaginations and move us as do the big, glossy, aspirational scenes of traditional advertising. We're incredibly proud of it, and we feel we've stumbled across some truths about family life today that no other brand has yet touched on."


Oct 03, 2016
Agency :
CHI & Partners
Brand :
Client :
Consumer Managing Director :
Tristia Harrison
Director, Marketing :
David Parslow
Creative Head :
Paul Godfrey
Head of Brand :
Mark Moloney
Brand Manager :
Jeanine Peters
Executive Creative Director :
Jonathan Burley
Creative Partner :
Micky Tudor
Creative Director :
James Bolton
Creative :
Danny Hunt
Creative :
Dan Watts
Creative :
Rob Webster
Head of Art :
Marc Donaldson
Head of Art :
Emma Modler
Lead Designer :
Loty Ray
Chief Strategy Officer :
Neil Goodlad
Creative Planner :
Simon Ringshall
Creative Planner :
Katherine Barnett
Producer :
David Jones
Creative Producer :
Ruby Hill
Production Assistant :
Hannah Greene
Production Assistant :
Alfie Glover-Short
Chief Executive Offier :
Nick Howarth
Business Director :
Tom McCoy
Account Director :
Catrin Tyler
Account Director :
James O'Reardon
Account Manager :
Maddison Done
Coordinator :
Joel Kaas
Production Company :
Park Pictures
Director :
Tom Tagholm
Executive Producer :
Stephen Brierley
Producer :
Fran Thompson
Production Manager :
Ananda Grace
Director, Photography :
Luke Scott
Sound and Visuals :
Jon Boyce
Sound and Visuals :
Transmission TX
Transcoding of Rushes :
Mark Purvis
Transcoding of Rushes :
Mission Digital
Visual Post Production :
Post Production Producer :
Amy Richardson
Visual Effects Artist :
Bruno Fukumothi
Colorist :
George Kyriacou
Editing Company :
Editor :
Tim Hardy
Sound Supervisor :
Glen Gathard
Audio Company :
Pinewood Studios
Sound Editor :
Adam Bourne
Re-Recording Mixer :
Peter Hansen
Foley Editor :
Jemma Riley Tolch
Foley Artist :
Peter Burgis
Music Company :
Leland Music
Media Agency :
Media Planner :
Matthew White
Social Media Agency :
PR Agency :
MHP Communications

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