Four Ex-W&K Female Staffers Are Behind This Platform to 'Fight Trump Every Day'

'Super Good' Makes It Easier to Donate to Causes and Keeps You Informed

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Mar 07, 2017

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A group including four ex-Wieden & Kennedy female staffers has teamed up to launch Super Good, a platform that makes it easier to support all of the people and causes adversely affected by the Trump administration.

The idea is to make it easy for people riled by Trump to donate money across a range different charities and causes, from the ACLU, to Planned Parenthood, to the Sierra Club and Black Lives Matter, with one simple sign up. The platform also features weekly action items to make staying civically engaged easier and habitual -- and there's an up-to-date newsfeed you can subscribe to, to help you stay on top of what's going on in the White House.

Tara Dubbs, Megs Senk, Helena Chu and Chelsea Bauch, who all met working W&K Portland, created Super Good together with George Korsnick, a technologist and Y-Combinator alumnus. Video animator Ben Cheek also worked on the launch.

Dubbs told Creativity: "We came up with the idea for Super Good two days after the election. We kept seeing listicles about the range of the non-profits and charities that would need support throughout the Trump administration. As we started visiting all their sites, we realized how cumbersome the process is for new donors. So we set out to create a streamlined solution for giving to multiple charities simultaneously."


Mar 07, 2017
Brand :
Super Good
Client :
Super Good
Copywriter :
Tara Dubbs
Art Director :
Megs Senk
Creative Technologist :
George Korsnick
Designer :
Helena Chu
Strategist :
Chelsea Bauch
Video Animation :
Ben Cheek

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