Vimeo Turned 10 Years of Staff Picks Into Experiences at SXSW

Interactive Exhibits Will Honor 100 Films From the Past Decade

Published On
Mar 15, 2018

Editor's Pick

It's 10 years since Vimeo started its "Staff Picks" section, and to celebrate, the company has been running a series of events called "The Decade" at SXSW in Austin.

In a campaign via Preacher, Vimeo is honoring 100 of the films from the past decade not only by featuring them in screenings but by bringing them to life with immersive, interactive exhibits.

Events have included apperaances by Danny DeVito, Elijah Wood's "The Woods" performing, Jim Carrey's art and shoes in a curated exhibit and a decked out space honoring hundreds of the Vimeo filmmakers who have been Staff Picked over the years.

Vimeo will also be the official exclusive sponsor of the SXSW Shorts Category, and is presenting the first-ever Vimeo Staff Picks Award as part of a major film festival, at the SXSW official awards ceremony. The honored film will be its first Staff Pick given in real time and will be available for viewing on its Staff Picks channel.