Would You Rather Fight 100 Kitten-Sized Taylor Swifts or One Taylor Swift-Sized Kitten?

Latest Iteration of Diet Coke 'Get a Taste' Campaign From Droga5 Prompts Cute Overload

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Oct 15, 2014

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Diet Coke's new "Get a Taste" campaign, from Droga5, poses the question "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" Previous answers to that question have involved a crowded flight and a carwash, but the latest "Get a Taste" spot has a much simpler setting: a living room.

Except the living room happens to be populated by Taylor Swift and an adorable kitten. No, wait -- two kittens! Scratch that -- seven kittens! Oh, hold on now -- dozens of kittens!

So the answer to "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?" in this case is clearly cute overload and internet meltdown.

By the way, this spot has prompted another question here at Creativity headquarters (one inspired by the famous horse-sized duck meme): Would you rather fight 100 kitten-sized Taylor Swifts or one Taylor Swift-sized kitten?

Either way, pass the Diet Coke and bring it on.


Oct 15, 2014
Brand :
Diet Coke
Client :
Diet Coke
Agency :
Droga5-New York
Chairperson :
David Droga
Chief Creative Officer :
Ted Royer
Creative Director :
Casey Rand
Creative Director :
Karen Land Short
Copywriter :
Matt McCarron
Art Director :
Conor Hagan
Chief Creative Officer :
Sally-Ann Dale
Head of Broadcast Production :
Ben Davies
Broadcast Producer :
Verity Bullard
Integrated Production Business Manager :
Librado Sanchez
Senior Brand Strategist :
Katy Alonzo
Social Media Strategy Director :
Tom Hyde
Senior Social Strategist :
Mitch Gellar
Production Company :
Director :
Keith Schofield
Executive Producer :
Cathleen Kisich
Editorial :
Cosmo Street
Editor :
Dominic Leung
Assistant Editor :
Zoe Mougin
Producer :
Anne Lai
Post Production :
The Mill - New York
Executive Producer :
Sean Costelloe
Visual Effects Producer :
Will Mok
2D Lead :
Jade Kim
2D Compositing :
Yoon Sun Bae
2D Compositing :
John McIntosh
3D Lead Artist :
Christian Nielsen
Colorist :
Fergus McCall
Sound Director :
Sonic Union
Studio Director :
Justine Cortale
Producer :
Pat Sullivan
Mix :
Paul Weiss

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