TD Bank's 'Unexpectedly Human' campaign is a delightful combo of absurd passwords, smooth dance moves and donated ad space

TBWA/Chiat/Day New York touts the ways company makes life easier

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Jan 16, 2019

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Ever finally remember an online password and wonder how you even came up with it in the first place? Bigbandlover42? Must have been during that ill-considered swing phase in college.

In TD Bank’s latest campaign from TBWA/Chiat/Day New York, a couple rummages through the detritus of one of their social lives, memorialized in passwords. The man's penchant for rollerblading lives on in the password for the cable bill, though it’s doubtful he’s skitched in decades.

The shibboleths become increasingly absurd with each bill his partner tries to pay: a backwards alphabet, a list of seafood in no comprehensible order. Rather than repeat the process each month, wouldn’t it be easier to let TD’s Bill Pay option handle it all instead?

The campaign, called “Unexpectedly Human,” highlights ways the bank makes it easier to get on with life, without bending over backwards to accommodate strict schedules (they’re called “banker’s hours” for a reason) or logistical hoops. Over the years, TD Bank has leaned heavily into promoting its long branch hours, including weekends.


In “Dancer,” a bank employee cuts loose once the branch is closed, strutting across the lobby to German technogroup Snap’s ‘90s hit “Rhythm Is A Dancer.” He’s interrupted by customers who are running late but unlocks the door for a last-minute transaction. (If there’s a full video of this actor dancing to the rest of the song, we want to see it.)

A series of spots with different endings promotes instant debit card replacements. It’s so simple that there’s time to kill, so the ad cuts to a plug for, a real nonprofit group the bank actually supports. Other finales running on social media feature street noise or silly viral videos.


The TV spots are directed by Matt Aselton via Arts & Sciences. Out-of-home placements along the East Coast feature localized messaging. A poster in the NYC subway system, for example, wonders “In a city where you can get pierogis at 5am, shouldn’t your bank be open past 5pm?”


Jan 16, 2019
Client :
TD Bank
Agency :
TBWAChiatDay New York
Director :
Matt Aselton
Arts & Sciences
Chief Marketing Officer :
Patrick McLean
SVP, Brand, Channel, Community & Field Marketing Strategy :
Arianna Lewko
VP, Sr Manager, Brand Strategy & Advertising :
Jesse Sutow
Chief Creative Officer :
Chris Beresford-Hill
Executive Creative Director :
Amy Ferguson
Executive Creative Director :
Julia Neumann
Creative Director :
Jexy Holman
Creative Director :
Nuno Teixeira
Senior Copywriter :
Patrick McCarthy
Associate Copywriter :
Jilly Ko
Senior Copywriter :
Mike Schneberg
Copywriter :
Laura Vancil
Designer :
Mert Avadya
Head of Production :
John Doris
Executive Producer :
Amanda Revere
Senior Producer :
Steven Kreuch
Assoc. Producer :
Sarah Healy
Senior Business Manager :
Stephanie Ambroise
Traffic Manager :
Torin Goodrich
President :
Nancy Reyes
Group Account Director :
Carrie Lipper
Account Director :
Rosalie Jones
Account Manager :
Lily Siff
Senior Project Manager :
Lauren Smiley
Group Planning Director :
Matt Kuzelka
Group Planning Director :
Jonathan Deves
Senior Planner :
Mike Obermeyer
Senior Planner :
Ali Chastain
Content Manager :
Bodi Karsono
Social Marketing Manager :
Sofiana Kohen
Ex. Producer :
Mal Ward
Ex. Producer :
Marc Marrie
Producer :
Zoe Odlum
Producer :
Margarita Mutuc
Editor :
Ryan Steele
Ex. Producer :
Gina Pagano
Producer :
Margarita Mutuci
Asst. Editor :
Devon Flint
Color :
Colorist :
Tim Massick
Audio Mix :
Audio Engineer :
Rob Fielak
Audio Engineer :
Michael Levesque
Motion Graphics :
Finishing :
Music Licensing :
Silent Partners
Music Track :
“Rhythm is a Dancer” by SNAP!
Senior Copywriter :
Christopher Santaiti
Senior Art Director :
Marjorie Vardo
Copywriter :
Laura Vancil
Assoc. Creative Director :
Line Johnsen
Senior Copywriter :
Mike Schneberg
Assoc. Creative Director :
Line Johnsen

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