Colgate's Anonymous Alerts Warn Your Friends About Food-In-Teeth Mishaps

Brand Tweets Your Friends Anonymously to Tell Them What's Ruining Their Smile

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Sep 11, 2013
There's Something In Your Tweet

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Colleague got something stuck in their teeth, but you're too embarrassed to point it out? Just send them a tweet via Colgate, using the brand's There's Something In Your Tweet service. Created by agency Union, to support the introduction of the new Colgate Slim SoftTM/MC toothbrush in Canada, it'll send an anonymous tweet to any Twitter user (or an email to non-tweeters) alerting them to the stray food. You can even select what's stuck there from a variety of options ranging from popcorn to "super-healthy kale." Colgate says they'll thank you for it: a National Politeness Survey conducted for the brand by Ipsos confirms that more people want to know about food stuck in their teeth than are willing to tell others about it.

The campaign also includes media appearances by Anna Post, etiquette expert and great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post, online banners, and postings in restaurant washrooms.