Third Ear's visual poems capture 'a sense of being Hispanic'

The Austin agency turned the personal experiences of its team into captivating films rolling out during Hispanic Heritage Month

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Sep 26, 2022

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Austin-based Third Ear, the agency formerly known as LatinWorks, created a lyrical, poetic series of films in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. The series of five pieces, titled “A Sense of Being Hispanic,” will be rolling out through October 15. They capture team members’ personal, everyday experiences that together, illustrate the depth and dimensionality of their heritage, creating a portrait that veers from traditional depictions of Hispanic culture.

According to Alejandro Ruelas, founder and CEO of Third Ear, that was the point. “A couple of months ago, our team began thinking about an innovative and unique way to observe Hispanic Heritage Month,” he said. “[We] concluded that when reflecting upon our Hispanic Heritage, we Latinos often tend to only dig into our history—the journeys our families endured  and the milestones achieved along the way. Sometimes we even go back further—to generations past and beyond. So why not alter the narrative and look at the moments we are currently living and the ways we truly feel?”



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The contemplative films knit together the voices of staffers making simple observations in English and Spanish coupled with textured images of "scary Jesus paintings," "hot sauces everywhere," "shoes hanging on the electric wires," "bright, colorful embroidery," "flamboyant bouganvillea" and more, all reflecting their multidimensional experiences across cultures and generations.

The contributions represent “unique realities we face but seldom describe,” Ruelas said. “By exploring these common threads amongst us, we hope to inspire empathy and understanding in others.”

Follow Third Ear on Instagram to see the upcoming installments, which will roll out every Thursday for the duration of Hispanic Heritage Month.


Sep 26, 2022
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Third Ear

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