The New York Times' Video Logo Adds a Small Play Button

Work-Order Was Behind the Refresh

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Apr 30, 2014
Times Video Logo

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The New York Times, which kicked off Newfront Season by announcing a bolstering of its digital video lineup with a new slate of shows, has also gotten a refresh of the Times Video logo. Created by New York's Work-Order, the logo. which features the "T" mark of the Times, gets a small tweak in the form of a play button that now appears instead of the diamond shape to the right. There's also a refreshed animation and sound, with the "play" button flashing at the end of it.

According to Work-Order, who provided a statement to Under Consideration, the new logo represents the "gravitas" of the gothic "T" shape and the "expediency" of the play button: "the harmonic blending of old and new media."