Tinder admits 'you're not for everyone'

The dating app introduces new features and campaign centered on authenticity

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Dec 09, 2021

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It’s been a fascinating year for dating services as many have had to prioritize quality over quantity during the pandemic. OkCupid launched a controversial campaign targeted at the service’s political filters. Bumble’s recent work flashed the tagline “date on your own terms.” Match updated app features and debuted ads targeting a more mature demographic.

Now, Tinder’s latest swipe encourages authenticity among its by saying “You’re not for everyone.”

Tinder's first work from newly appointed agency of record Mischief @ No Fixed Address, created under new CMO George Felix includes a hero spot depicting a young woman meditating in her living room. She’s surrounded by crystals and candles as she speaks affirmations aloud to herself—until a roommate walks in. 

“Rachel, I will murder your family!” the meditator screams before returning to her ritual.

Text appears that reads, “Your astral-rebirthing isn’t for everyone, but it is for someone.”

The ad points viewers to a new feature in the Tinder app: the Explore page. Explore is a function that will host social experiences, like the app’s popular choose-your-own-adventure activity "Swipe Night." It also allows users to browse profiles based on common interests rather than who appears on their main feed.

“You’re not for everyone—but who wants to be for everyone?” said Greg Hahn, co-founder and CCO at Mischief, in a statement. “Our quirks are the most enchanting things about us. To the right people, at least.” 

Other spots include “Binge Watchers,” which shows a woman crying alone on her couch, watching what sounds like a very soapy TV show. “Your passion for watching hot dumb people isn’t for everyone,” the video proclaims, followed by the same promise that someone exists who shares that passion.

“Tinder University” is targeted at a college-aged audience. A student restlessly flings his body around in bed, unable to get comfortable. “Your twin sized bed isn’t for everyone…” You get the picture.

In the U.K, “You’re Not For Everyone” will appear across Tinder’s social channels and in the US, the campaign will air on the app’s socials as well as broadcast and streaming media.