A Tiny Dancer Wreaks Beautiful Havoc in Her Home

Adam & Eve/DDB London Creates a Lovable Tale for John Lewis Insurance

Published On
Aug 21, 2015

Editor's Pick

You won't be able to take your eyes off this adorable little lass who leaps, plies and twirls around her house with abandon as she hears Elton John's classic tune "Tiny Dancer," channeling such classic dance film as Flashdance and Dirty Dancingr Her enthusiasm is not only infectious, It's actually quite lethal -- to all the precious goods that decorate her home. Picture frames, vases and television sets are all at risk in the path of the balletic spitfire.

But no matter -- her family's covered by John Lewis Premium Insurance. It's another classic tale from the team behind other uplifting stories for John Lewis retail, agency Adam & Eve/DDB and Blink director Dougal Wilson. See how the spot was made in the behind the scenes video.